Southeast Asia – some of the most promising renewable energy markets

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Nikolai Dobrott named in Who's Who in MENAT 2017 list


Dii featured Nikolai Dobrott in their list of the 250 most powerful people working in renewable energy in the Middle East, North Africa & Turkey. Read more…


Apricum Managing Partner Nikolai Dobrott

Nikolai Dobrott

Founder & Managing Partner

Nikolai Dobrott has profound technology and market knowledge in the solar, wind, water and integrated renewable energy industries, combined with deep functional expertise in strategy development, strategic business plan execution and corporate finance. He speaks at major cleantech and renewable energy conferences worldwide every year.

Apricum Partner Dr. Moritz Borgmann

Dr. Moritz Borgmann


Moritz Borgmann focuses on strategy, technology, corporate and project finance projects along the entire value chain of the solar industry. Prior to joining Apricum, Moritz was the cofounder and member of the management board of semiconductor company Celestrius AG.

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Apricum Partner Florian Haacke

Florian Haacke


Florian Haacke is the head of the solar materials and energy storage materials practice group at Apricum. He has expertise in strategy development with a focus on materials enabling photovoltaic and energy storage technologies. Florian speaks at major materials conferences worldwide and contributes to studies and publications regarding this topic.

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Apricum Partner Yusuf Macun

Yusuf Macun


Yusuf Macun is an expert in project finance advisory with over 20 years of experience in energy and infrastructure financing and investments, with a focus on the power, infrastructure, oil and gas and renewables sectors. He has held leadership roles advising the public and private sector on energy and infrastructure transactions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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Apricum Partner Florian Mayr

Florian Mayr


Florian Mayr brings a wealth of management consultant experience to Apricum, combining an enviable knowledge of both the conventional energy and renewable energy sectors. Prior to Apricum, he spent eight years in senior positions at McKinsey & Company and RWE.

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Apricum Partner Kenny Whitelaw-Jones

Kenny Whitelaw-Jones


Kenny Whitelaw-Jones is one of the leading financial modeling instructors in the world and a recognized expert in his field. He has trained over 1,000 modelers from the world’s leading commercial and investment banks, top tier accounting firms, infrastructure funds and project developers. Kenny has played a leading role in the development of financial modeling standards over the past 10 years, and has led many model build and advisory assignments in the transport, energy and infrastructure sectors, developing numerous corporate, funding and real estate financial models along the way.


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