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James Kurz

James Kurz

Project Manager

James Kurz works on strategy and market-related projects as well as partner/investor search and renewable power project mandates. James has considerable experience in PV market forecasting and has led Apricum’s activities in this area for global markets in recent years. Moreover, James has extensive project experience in the PV downstream sector and possesses deep MENA market expertise.


Global PV’s Five Year Outlook: From Strength to Strength

The global PV market is showing no signs of slowing down, but it is important to know how this demand is shifting among the markets around the world and the scale of opportunity in each region. During the past three years, the industry has observed a major shift in...

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Is PV module manufacturing becoming a local business?

Satellite PV module manufacturing, the assembly of modules in factories in end markets around the globe rather than in highly centralized and vertically integrated facilities, is a growing trend in the PV industry. Manufacturing close to end markets has several...

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Jordan: Realizing its renewable energy ambitions now

With negligible fossil energy reserves, Jordan is heavily dependent on foreign energy imports. Solar and wind power generation is well-placed to support Jordan’s goals to increase energy independence and reduced energy spending. With excellent local solar resources...

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GCC countries: Rising stars in solar and wind

Updated December 09, 2014 The Gulf region is not only home to some of the world’s leaders in oil and gas production, it is also a powerhouse of renewable energy potential. Many of the GCC[1] member countries are perhaps best known for their immense oil and gas...

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