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pv magazine: January 18, 2019

Apricum won "Financial Advisor/Consultant of the Year" at the MESIA Solar Awards held in Abu Dhabi, UAE earlier this month. pv magazine has published an article outlining the event and the winners. Read the full article here.

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pv magazine: Video interview, March 28, 2018

Apricum Partner Florian Mayr was interviewed by pv magazine at Energy Storage Düsseldorf about the current dominance of lithium-ion in battery energy storage. Is there another technology that could take the lead? Watch the interview here.

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pv magazine Deutschland: March 26, 2018

pv magazine Deutschland published an abridged version in German of the article from Partner Florian Mayr and Senior Consultant Stephanie Adam Cobalt crunch? Dealing with the battery industry’s looming supply challenges for cobalt.

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