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Specialist business model design to create growth and profitability

Strategic advisory at Apricum

New entrants and established players

We have the experience, knowledge, tools and network to help our clients make important strategic decisions about how and where to grow their business. Our tailored strategies and business models enable our clients to unlock attractive new markets for their technologies and services. Whether a complete strategy development and implementation is required or just one stage from the recommended approach is needed, our services are modular and customized to our clients’ needs – call us to discuss your individual requirements.

New entrants

We offer a full range of services to help clients enter the renewable energy industry, including an analysis of the market, technology and business environment and the development and assessment of strategic options, creation of a suitable business model and a partnering strategy if required. Our team has the experience and expertise required to help companies enter new markets, supporting the client all the way until the launch of business activities in the target market.

Corporate strategy
  • Value chain screening
  • Market screening and assessment
  • Technology selection
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business model/plan
  • Partnering strategy

Established players

For companies already active in renewables, there are many paths to growth. Whether through vertical integration (an enhanced position in the value chain), internationalization (extending into high growth, emerging markets), an improved distribution strategy, or new product development (designing innovative concepts for products and services), we offer a compelling value proposition to our clients through our in-depth emerging market knowledge and renewable energy technology expertise.

  • Strategy review and repositioning
  • Value chain/portfolio strategy
  • Business model/plan
  • Global market screening
  • Site selection
  • Go-to-market
  • Local business support
Marketing & sales
  • Customer preference and requirement analysis
  • Distribution strategy
Product development
  • R&D roadmap development
  • Value modeling and pricing strategy
  • Product design
Florian Haacke discusses Apricum's approach in the renewable energies industry

“In the face of shrinking margins, product innovation is high on the list of every company in the highly competitive solar materials industry. There are millions to be made, but there are also millions to be lost without thorough evaluation and preparation for new products.”

Florian Mayr discusses Apricum's approach in the renewable energies industry

“There’s a lot at stake when expanding into new geographic markets – it requires a carefully considered approach to ensure growth not just for now but for the future. We take the responsibility seriously, delivering a meticulous and comprehensive internationalization strategy tailored to the client’s needs.”

Governmental advisory services

We help governments to structure their renewable energy procurement programs and maximize local value creation. Developing and implementing an effective long-term renewable energy program is a complex task for governments involving many stakeholders and a myriad of economic and legal considerations. With a successful track record in advising governmental institutions in Europe, the USA and the MENA region, we offer a full range of services including the evaluation and selection of the most suitable support scheme, the structuring of local content regulations, effective grid integration, and the development of optimal procurement, industrialization and cluster strategies. We advise governments on embedding renewable energy into their broader energy strategy, achieving competitive pricing and maximizing local value creation.

Renewables procurement
  • Structuring renewable energy procurement programs
  • IPP program implementation
Industrialization strategy
  • Local content support schemes
  • Cluster development strategy (R&D, manufacturing)
Nikolai Dobrott discusses Apricum's approach in the renewable energies industry

“Developing a renewables industry offers many economic benefits at a local, regional and national level, by creating jobs and diversifying the economy. Whether it is a full-scale national industry development roadmap or a comprehensive investment attraction strategy, there are many opportunities to develop long-term prosperity.”

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