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Jordan: Realizing its renewable energy ambitions now

With negligible fossil energy reserves, Jordan is heavily dependent on foreign energy imports. Solar and wind power generation is well-placed to support Jordan’s goals to increase energy independence and reduced energy spending. With excellent local solar resources...

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GCC countries: Rising stars in solar and wind

Updated December 09, 2014 The Gulf region is not only home to some of the world’s leaders in oil and gas production, it is also a powerhouse of renewable energy potential. Many of the GCC[1] member countries are perhaps best known for their immense oil and gas...

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“Hidden champions” of the emerging wind markets

Vast untapped growth potential exists for wind players in the Gulf region Currently, global installed wind capacity of 283 GW (2012) is concentrated in three main regions: 38% is located in the EU, 27% in China and 21% in the U.S. While the dominant role of these...

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