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We work with a variety of different organizations across many markets: Holdings and multi-national companies, midsize companies, technology start-ups, investment firms, academic and research centers and government agencies. Visit our case studies section to read an overview of recent projects we have developed with them.

“…world class team…impressive network of global decision makers”

“Apricum played a crucial role in the final close of our successful series C equity raise by bringing in a key strategic investor, which diversifies our investor base. Apricum’s team is world class and their network of global relationships to decision makers of major strategic companies is very impressive and made all the difference.”

Michael Oster

CEO, Eos Energy Storage

“deep understanding of solar technology and markets… impressed us greatly”

“Apricum’s deep understanding of solar technology and markets, as well as their truly global network of relevant investors impressed us greatly. Their professionalism and expert input into our strategy and business model were instrumental for the successful conclusion of this fundraising round.”

Erik Smith

CEO, Sol Voltaics

“Impressive industry depth”

“Overall extremely impressed by Apricum. As an ex-McKinsey person, I think Apricum brings every bit of the management consulting toolbox into the project, on top of an industry depth in the day-to-day team that is truly impressive and rare in the consulting world.”

Andrzej Golebiowski

Vice President Business Development, Scatec Solar

“Encyclopedic knowledge of the solar value chain”

“Within a very brief amount of time, Apricum’s team was able to deliver to SABIC a comprehensive report on the solar value chain and to extract possible opportunities of interest to us. We were impressed by Apricum’s encyclopedic knowledge of the solar value chain, their deep understanding of the corresponding chemical industry and the sound strategic thinking. The team exhibited the highest level of professionalism and was a pleasure to work with.”

SABIC Corporate Strategy

“Highest level of competence… comprehensive sector knowledge”

“We deliberately chose Apricum as a boutique consulting firm on a recent due diligence project in the photovoltaic industry. The team demonstrated the highest level of competence down from the minute technical details of photovoltaic production processes up to an excellent understanding of the industry dynamics and the key strategic implications – a versatility that you find rarely among consultants. From day one, they brought their comprehensive sector knowledge to the table. Their reports were very focused without limitations on necessary detail. They served the objective of our engagement very well.”

Rabeaa Fattal

Director, Swicorp Private Equity

“Profound technical competence… identify trends early”

“Apricum’s technical competence in photovoltaics is excellent – very profound indeed. They identify trends at a very early stage, allowing the client to take the right choices and come up with correct approaches to participate in this highly dynamic market. Good to work with.”

Matthias Hau

Vice President & General Manager, Business Line Agrochemicals & Polymer Additives, Advanced Intermediates, Evonik Industries AG

“High degree of professionalism… left us in no doubt of their credentials as renewable energy experts”

“We are already active in the renewable energy sector and are considering extending our activities into solar and wind.  Apricum identified key solar and wind markets for which they provided a thorough and insightful analysis including potential business opportunities for us. We were impressed with their detailed level of knowledge of the selected solar and wind markets, particularly in regard to current developments and the opportunities arising from them. They exhibited a high degree of professionalism and left us in no doubt of their credentials as renewable energy experts.”

Head of Corporate Development

Multi-billion euro company in the international oil and energy business, headquartered in Germany

“Key to enabling us to make a decision”

“We were impressed by the combination of analytical skills and industry knowledge. They were key to enabling us to make a decision.”

Robert Schrimpff

Partner, Greencoat Capital

Our clients include

Client case studies

Transaction advisory:
Investor search

Eos Energy Storage

About the client

Eos is an American energy storage company with a leading cost position for grid-scale battery systems based on an innovative zinc hybrid cathode-based technology. After two rounds of financing, additional funds to support scale-up and delivery of MW-scale product were needed.

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Transaction advisory:
Joint venture

Saudia Arabian industrial conglomerate

About the client

The client is a multi-billion US dollar Saudi Arabian conglomerate who is active in a diverse range of industries in the Middle East. One of the client’s ambitions is to become a world-class, solar independent power producer in the MENA region.

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Transaction advisory:
Project development and bid support

Industrial conglomerate in GCC

About the client

The client is a multi-billion US dollar GCC conglomerate headquartered in Saudi Arabia, who seeks to enter the PV industry.


To support the client with a market-entry strategy and bid preparation for solar PV IPP tenders in the MENA region.

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Strategy consulting:
Marketing & sales

Large global chemical corporation

About the client

The client is one of the world’s top 15 chemical corporations, based in Europe.


The client had just finished product development and qualification of a state-of-the art polymer-based PV backsheet product. Apricum was commissioned to design a marketing & sales strategy, including identification of the most attractive customer segments, product and price positioning.

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Strategy consulting:
Market-entry strategy

Scatec Solar

About the client

Scatec is one of the leading, globally active independent solar power producers with a focus on large utility-scale projects. Headquartered in Oslo, Scatec develops, builds, owns and operates solar power plants around the world. As an early mover, Scatec actively seeks to enter new markets based on the potential for attractive PV opportunities.

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Transaction advisory:
Due diligence

European industrial conglomerate

About the client

The client is a multi-billion euro industrial conglomerate in the energy sector, based in Europe.


To conduct a technical and commercial due diligence for a large-scale manufacturing project investigating high-efficiency PV cells and modules.

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